Boccadirio – Montovolo

5TH LEG: 23,5 km | 1381 D+ | 8 h

Santuario della Beata Vergine delle grazie di Boccadirio / Shrine of Beata Vergine delle Grazie di Boccadirio – Valli – Ca di Landino – Crocicchie – Castiglione dei Pepoli – Lago di Santa Maria / Lake Santa Maria – Tratto Via della Lana e della Seta / Stretch of Via della Lana e della Seta – Santuario della Beata Vergine della Consolazione o di Montovolo / Shrine of Beata Vergine della Consolazione or Montovolo




Castiglione dei Pepoli

The border town of Baragazza has a very ancient history of being contended by Tuscany and Bologna. In the late fourteenth century the latter succeeded in gaining control but not without a struggle. The San Michele Arcangelo church was rebuilt at the end of the eighteenth century and an important painting of the Florentine school depicts the patron saint on the high altar. The history of this community has always been linked to that of the Boccadirio sanctuary. In the village, accommodation and eateries are available.

Castiglione dei Pepoli

At 691m above sea level, the capital develops at the foot of Mount Gatta and
is one of the largest inhabited centres in the mountains. Famous for Lake Brasimone and the Boccadirio sanctuary, its history is linked to that of nearby Tuscany, having been a fief of the Counts Alberti of Prato until 1340, when it was ceded to the noble Pepoli family. The current municipal building was the residence until the end of the 1700s. The lovely historic centre is a pivotal place in urban life and was also the work of the Pepoli family.

Parish Church of Saint Lawrence

via Pepoli, 4 – Castiglione dei Pepoli

Dedicated to Saint Lawrence Martyr, the church dates to the 1300s, with a bell tower erected in 1606. Subsequently (1934), it was raised from 22 to 40 metres to a design by Rivani, with the construction of the current spire, topped by the statue of Christ the Redeemer made by Dalmonte of Faenza. The interior was frescoed in 1930 and includes several valuable works, including an altarpiece by Cavedoni, a pupil of the Carraccis, depicting Saint Lawrence. The patron saint is celebrated on 10 August.

Santa Maria Lake

Castiglione dei Pepoli 

This is a small artificial lake that was created in 1917 when a dam was built on the Brasimone torrent to produce electricity. At less than 4km from the centre of Castiglione dei Pepoli, the lake’s left shore is part of Castiglione dei Pepoli, while the right shore is in the municipality of Camugnano. A popular summer meeting place for anglers, it is part of the Parco dei Laghi del Brasimone e Suviana, to which it is connected by a trail network.

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