Montovolo – Ripoli

6TH LEG: 18,5 km | 452 D+ | 6 h


Oratory of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria

Montovolo (Grizzana Morandi)

This simple little stone church, just above the Montovolo shrine, vaunts some remarkable paintings dating back to the fourteenth century. They depict Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, knights and ladies, Christ and the four Evangelists, episodes from the life of Saint Catherine, and the extremely original Youth and Death. The construction is said to have been commissioned by a group of Bolognese feudatories returning from the Fifth Crusade (1217–29) who took part in the battle of Damietta.

Le Serrucce

via Serrucce – Ripoli di Sotto (San Benedetto Val di Sambro)

A stone’s throw from the town of Ripoli, the village is made up of houses, many still in bare stone, lining the slope as far as Palazzo Romagnoli. There are a couple of streets with underpasses leading into courtyards and well-kept gardens. The history of Le Serrucce indicates it dates back to the Middle Ages. Every year Le Serrucce hosts summer events including
the famous Borghi di Vini, with the entire community working together to showcase the village.

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