Via Mater Dei - Beata Vergine della Serra

Beata Vergine della Serra

A stone’s throw from the San Benedetto Val di Sambro railway station, on the direct Bologna–Florence line, the beautiful Ripoli church soars on the promontory overlooking the Sette torrent valley.

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Via Mater Dei - Beata Vergine delle Grazie di Boccadirio

Beata Vergine delle Grazie di Boccadirio

Not far from Baragazza, at 719m above sea level, protected by Mount Tavianella, Boccadirio is enchanted silence and unspoiled nature: the only sounds are the roaring waters of the Rio D’Avena and the rustling of the forest in the wind.

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Via Mater Dei - Madonna della Neve

Madonna della Neve

Madonna dei Fornelli has an ancient history and its name refers to the ancient tradition of charcoal burning to face the area’s harsh winters at 800m above sea level.

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Via Mater Dei - Madonna di Pompei

Madonna di Pompei

Set amidst old stone houses and inns just 3.5 km from Monghidoro, the Madonna del Rosario di Pompei shrine is in the centre of the village of Piamaggio, on the SP60 provincial road.

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Via mater Dei - Madonna di Lourdes

Madonna di Lourdes

The origins of the site are very ancient even if there is no definite information until 1223, when it appears to be under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Bologna and the Counts of Campeggio. In 1784, after having been governed by the Pieve di Barbarolo, it passed to the parish of Monghidoro.

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Via Mater Dei - Madonna dei Boschi

Madonna dei Boschi

A spiritual bijou emerges from the thick vegetation on the ridge between Loiano and Monghidoro. Minimal and restrained, the ancient shrine of Madonna dei Boschi is at the edge of a narrow stretch of road that crosses the eponymous village just 2km from the capital.

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Via Mater Dei - Santa maria di Zena

Santa Maria di Zena

The singularity of the name “Madonna del Monte delle Formiche, Our Lady of the Mount of the Ants” derives from an ancient and inexplicable phenomenon that occurs in the first ten days of September, when thousands of winged Mirmica Scabrinodis ants migrate to the top of this promontory between the Idice and Zena valleys.

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Via mater Dei - Beata Vergine di San Luca

Beata Vergine di San Luca

Founded in 1194 by the Roman eremite Angelica Bofantini, the shrine stands on Mount della Guardia at 289m above sea level. The hill is not far from the heart of Bologna and in ancient times it was of great strategic and defensive importance for the city.

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Via Mater Dei - Santa Maria della Vita

Santa Maria della Vita

The shrine of Santa Maria della Vita can be found amidst the busy shops in the heart of Bologna, a few steps from San Petronio cathedral, entering Vicolo Clavature that connects Piazza Maggiore with the historic “Quadrilatero”, rich in the fragrances and flavours typical of the city market.

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