Credential and Official Scroll


The Credential of the Via Mater Dei is the Pilgrim's passport, where the stages will be recorded with a stamp in order to obtain your personalized scroll of the journey.

The stamps on the credential will be provided by the accommodation facilities, parishes, bars or restaurants that you will find along the Via (those who have the stamp available will be recognizable by a sign placed on the shop windows or at the entrance to the building).

It is important to remember to have your credential stamped on each stage: to obtain the scroll you must have taken the whole journey, so your passport must have at least one stamp for each of the scheduled stages plus the two start and end stamps of the journey
(for example: Bologna – start +town, shrine or museum on the stage +Riola – arrival).

If you decide to break the journey over time (for example: three days in June and four days in October ) still record the stamps on your credential: the time it takes to walk the Way is entirely up to you, but the path to follow is one!

Where can I find the credential?

You can buy the Via Mater Dei credential at the price of €4 in one of the following activities:

Piazza del Nettuno, 1/ab, 40124 Bologna BO
051 65 83 109

Petroniana Viaggi e Turismo
Via del Monte, 3G, 40126 Bologna BO
051 26 10 36


Emporio Foiatonda
Via della Libertà, 2, 40048 Madonna dei Fornelli BO
389 64 09 004

Official Scroll

At the end of the journey, send us a copy of your passport, stamped and filled in with all the data, and we will send you the official scroll of the Via Mater Dei free of charge! 

Request the scroll:

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